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Wolves of the Northern Rift by Jon Messenger
Wolves of the Northern Rift
(Book 1 of the Magic and Machinery Series)
by Jon Messenger

Dark fantasy and steampunk collide in Wolves of the Northern Rift, the first in the Magic and Machinery novels by Jon Messenger. Detailing the exploits of a royal inquisitor named Simon and his apothecary companion named Luthor, Simon—under the request of the king—is dispatched to the northern continent of Ocker and the city of Haversham to investigate claims that werewolves have appeared from something known as the Rift: an immense magical portal which has spilled into the world to let loose demons and other monstrosities. Though Simon and Luthor have spent the past two years debunking such claims of the supernatural, something about this case seems different. A veneer of secrecy lies throughout the beginnings of the investigation, as the man whose mining properties are under attack seems hesitant to reveal certain information, and it is only a matter of time before they realize that magic—an abomination that must be removed from the world—holds a far greater case than they could possibly imagine.

Wolves of the Northern Rift is undoubtedly fantasy at its best. Told in an omniscient perspective not often found in fantasy novels, it details the happenings of two very unique and completely dynamic characters in a way that shows a practiced writer who has obviously honed his craft. As the first book in a series, it’s always important to hold the attention of the reader, and Wolves of the Northern Rift does all that, and more. The world-building is immense, the writing is crisp, the execution flawless. Its blending of steampunk and magic is utterly enjoyable and is done without making it come across as cheap. The world is fully integrated with both magic and machinery (as its title states,) and though we don’t see much of the latter in the novel, we definitely see a lot of the former, especially when the book begins to speed up at the end.

If you like fantasy with a sense of mystery along with your adventure, then Wolves of the Northern Rift is the kind of book you’ll love.

* * * *
4 Stars

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