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The Fabled Crossroads is an upcoming fantasy fiction blog (run by spec. fic. author Kody Boye) that covers and features writers and artists of fantasy and its varying subgenres. TFC, when debuted sometime in mid to late 2012, will feature posts that run five days a week every week from Monday to Friday. During these weeks, a variety of topics will be covered, including:

Magic Monday, which features blogs written by authors about world, culture, character, language-building and other fantasy topics and blogs written by artists about their craft and process.
Trailer and Teaser Tuesday, which features book trailers, book teasers from artists and project information from artists.
Wonder Wednesday, which features a writer or artist each Wednesday (accompanied by a guest blog or an interview.)
Thrift Thursday, where deals on books are posted.
Follow Friday, which will feature a variety of writers, artists and their various social networks.
Stacking the Shelves Sunday, in which the editor video blogs about eBooks and paperback copies submitted to him for review. And individual book reviews and features, along with spots on artists on various days.

The Fabled Crossroads is looking for all writers of fantasy, science fiction and specualtive fiction who have books available either through independent or traditional publishing and artists of fantasy who work on a for-hire basis. Large or small, indie or big press, we want to feature a multitude of authors and artists who share a love and admiration for the fantasy genre.

So--what do you need to do to be a part of The Fabled Crossroads?

To start, send a message to Kody Boye at with the details below:

If you're a writer:

Your name or alias
Book Title
Publisher (if applicable)
Purchase Links
Your Website 
A sample or review copy of your book (if applicable)
Information related to the day you would like to post on

If you're an artist Artists:

Your name or alias
Samples of your art
Purchase links (if applicable)
Your website 
Information related to the day you would like to post on

Depending on what you're looking to post about, you will either be requested to send samples of your art or review copies of your writing. Please note, writers, that we only accept completed, edited and published manuscripts for review in either eBook or paperback formats. And please note, artists, that we will request low-res images of your art for posting on this blog. Physical materials submitted to The Fabled Crossroads WILL NOT be returned to the original owner and become property of Kody Boye and The Fabled Crossroads once submitted. However, all artists and authors retain copyright of their work. By submitting your work, you allow The Fabled Crossroads to promote and review your work accordingly.

If you have paper and/or physical copies of your book(s) you would like reviewed, please send them to:

The Fabled Crossroads
C/O Kody Boye
PO Box 4983
Austin, TX 78765

If you are interested in contributing to this project, please send an email to Kody Boye at with the information listed above.

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