THE CURE by Stephanie Erickson

The Cure
by Stephanie Erickson

One-hundred years into the future, the government controls everything. Where you live. How you prosper. What happens when you come of age. In this unsettling version of the apocalypse, we follow a young woman named Macey Holsinger as she struggles to face not only a future uncertain, but her upcoming Date: an event in which she will be subjected to mandatory medical testing to participate in the government’s search for a cure. There’s no guarantee that Macey will survive. If she does, she has a chance of leading a somewhat-normal life. But if she doesn’t, she’ll leave not only a promising future, but her family, behind.

Tight, fast-paced, and shocking, The Cure by Stephanie Erickson offers everything fans of young-adult and end-of-the-world fiction could want. With a likable heroine, a gripping and unsettling world, and a constant sense of fear over the unknown, this riveting page-turner of a novel leaves you glued to your seat as you long to discover young Macey’s fate. I can’t recommend it enough.

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